Nortec Now

The Nortec Collective is still in full effect, though the membership retains a certain fluidity.

Two members and their families took off recently to go skiing in Colorado over the holidays. Our daughters successfully persuaded us to join them several days later. Although skiing was the main goal of the adults, the 6 little girls of the group were more into playing princess make believe. Anticipating the trip, our daughters, along with my wife spent an afternoon (several weeks prior to the trip) pouring over the princess dresses at an online store where they previously had purchased other princess related items. I think there were more princess dresses and accessories (wands, tiaras, gloves, capes, shoes, and jewelry) in our girls’ suitcases than there was ski clothing! Although the pictures we posted on Facebook showed them dressed in Descente ski wear with the snow covered ragged mountains behind them, there were probably more pictures of the 6 little girls wearing princess dresses! Everyone looked happy. So while they chilled, skied, and danced about as princesses, some of us were working on new pieces, at least subliminally. We brought some of the snow and thrill of the slopes back with us along with the magical flights of imagination inspired by little girls and infused our collective music with some of it!

In addition, I have to admit I was impressed with the high end paper goods, soaps, and lotions that we found in not only the bathroom of our suite, but also in all the public restrooms. I asked one of the managers about who supplied them. She said they order all their affordable janitorial supplies from I must have lucked out speaking to this woman since she sounded so knowledgeable about janitorial supplies. “We prefer using eco friendly cleaning products along with the restrooms’ paper goods, soaps, and lotions. This particular e-commerce site has a varied selection of products that meet our criteria for janitorial supplies.”

I decided to check out this CleanItSupply site when we returned home. I thought that the site would only sell to large businesses. Much to my delight, they also sell to regular folks like myself. My wife has been very happy with the products and she likes the ease in ordering all our bathroom toilet paper, tissues and other paper goods and cleaning supplies. All in all, our little ski trip proved to be quite productive on several fronts.

Fussible (Pepe Mogt), Bostich (Ramon Amezcua), Clorofila (Jorge Verdín) and Hiperboreal (Pedro Gabriel Beas) are the current collective, but Bostich and Fussible are touring as a pair with the “Nortec Collective Presents” tag.

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